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For about two years, I posted icons at _leahsicons1_. Then in November 2007, tired of logging in&out of livejournal to update in a different journal, I opened hitthecoast and began posting here. When hollywoodinc closed a month later, hitthecoast became to only place to see all my icons.

hitthecoast is a members only community. While you don't have to have it on your friends list--although it would be great if you do so you can get updates right on your friends page--but you do have to be a member to view any icon posts. You can join the community by following THIS link. hitthecoast is currently accepting affiliates. Icon/Graphic journals&communities only at this time. Please no icon challenges. If you want to affailiate comment here. And also please add hitthecoast to your affiliates. You can check out the list of current affiliates at any time.

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No flaming. Always comment, even if you aren't taking an icon: feedback is great. Save all icons to your own server, never hotlink. Don't edit any icons. Don't claim any work as your own, always credit. Not sure how to credit?
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Leah. General Icons & Requests When I Post Saying So. Resouces HERE. Awards and Banners HERE.
First Post at hitthecoast 11.05.2007 // Sixty-three icons.

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